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Our mission is to offer a community for Christian friendship, to provide a place for families and individuals to grow and worship together, and to grow God’s kingdom through our talents and testimonies.

How can I belong?

Perhaps you have no church background, or have been away from church for a long time.  Returning, even for a visit, is a big step—a hard step.  Be aware that the rewards can be wonderful.

Trinity welcomes you!  We invite you to come and see.  In your search for a local congregation, bring your heritage and experience, abilities, needs and questions with you.  As you seek to be active a church home, consider these suggestions:

Worship with us.  Keep your eyes and ears open, be attentive in whatever way is appropriate for you. 

Find a church which feels right for you.   While remembering there is no ideal church (or pastor).  Commit yourself to try it for a while.  We are happy to email or mail you a copy of our newsletter so that you will be informed about what’s going on and upcoming events at Trinity.

We hope you find Trinity a congregation where you can truly belong.   Will there be a difference in my life and in the church’s life if I belong here?  Does this church seek to make a difference in the world?  Do I hear the gospel proclaimed in a meaningful way?  If you answered “yes”, we look forward to seeing you and welcoming you into our family.